Day with a Pornstar Review

Day with a Porn Star – Get To Know Your Favorite Model

Having a crush is mostly all about sexual attraction, so when your crush is a famous porn star, it’s no mystery how it happened. You watch her day and night as she plays with herself and has marvelous orgasms, it’s just natural to fall for her. But at some point, watching her porn is not enough, and you start to follow her on social media and other platforms where you might find a bit more about her as a person and about her life behind the cameras. The collection of Day with a Porn Star combines behind the scene footage with sex action and brings you something like a reality show starting your favorite model. However, the project was abandoned in 2010, so no new porn stars, but you will find Jinx Maze, Mason Storm, Nikki Benz, Julia Ann or Dylan Raider in this collection.
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